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Yes, my rant and rave turned into something else, tis true. What can I say. When you get out of your SELF and branch into someone else’s life, it tends to bring perspective. It’s one thing to tell yourself “it could always be worse” and think about the brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking. But to read someone’s story, or to go and chat with someone… now that actually does get one out of themselves. Perhaps I should speak in the first person only.

That is what works best for me.You can see the change as I write, going from anger/depression to compassion. Like the flip of a light. Just like that. I wasn’t planning on that. I truly was planning on ranting and raving. Period. You can see my cute little picture of the angry baby to depict my mood. (That’s my darling Edan, by the way, when he was a baby, getting his first real bath!) I couldn’t find any of me like that as a baby. That’s cuz I was all smiles, all the time. Of course, anyone that knows me is bound to comment on that. This will tell me who is reading my blog!

My passion is to help others extend or better their lives, as I have been so fortunate to do. As you may have read in the last post, I have had 3 kidney transplants, and because of one live donor and 2 cadaver donors, I am still here. I could have died at 17. Over half my lifetime ago. And yet here I am, 2 college degrees, married, a child, I’ve traveled 3 continents… All that because of and since those transplants.

For the sake of my donors and their families, I owe it to them to live a full life and encourage others to give as they have given. And so I have been brainstorming with another about ideas for a petition. A petition to reverse the ‘opt-in’ organ donation program for an ‘opt-out.’ My husband thinks this will backfire. We each see the others’ points, of course, but it made me think that I should reach out for more ideas.

I need to gather a larger team of people and get more brainstorming going. This is still in its infancy and while my husband is great at nay-saying and throwing out some grand schemes, he is no good at implementation or fine details (“God love ’em – cuz nobody else will!” just kidding, just kidding! Name that movie and I’ll send you a book or something! lol)

Seriously. The need is HUGE. People are literally dying because they need organs that are actually available but not being MADE available simply because people don’t know how to go about it properly.

Please help me brainstorm, create a website, maybe a non-profit, or some awareness campaigns in this area, your area, online, etc.

Thank you in advance for taking this into consideration.

Yours truly,