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Kidney location after transplantation. Adapted...

Kidney location after transplantation. Adapted from the original source to enlarge labels, and to fix a labelling error – “artery” and “vein” were transposed. See this discussion on the English Wikipedia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having had 3 Kidney transplants, my radar is always out for anything related or quasi-related. Happened upon this and the recommendations seem pretty safe, according to whom you ask!

Now, keep in mind, xplt recipients who are taking cyclosporine probably are still not allowed to eat cranberries, so talk to your doctor first. I know I wasn’t permitted to when I was on that particular medicine. And for some time afterward I still wasn’t, because cranberries were up for debate on whether or not they were/are harmful to kidneys.

You now how it goes: one day say, coffee, is good for you and the next day it’s your worst enemy. So once again my famous disclaimer. You – or your doctor – are your own best doctor! Your decision is your own. I’m only sharing information. Cheers!

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