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Low Budget Recipes – $5,000 Money Saving Mama Challenge.

These are great low-budget ideas when you’re short on time and too flustered to think. Option one is quick and easy then you can think ahead for day 2. There are not only the recipe ideas, but the actual how-to’s for each recipe. YES. I hate just getting a list of ideas and leaving the seasoning up to me. Give it all to me. Hand it over. It’s been a long hard day handling my adorable but needy husband. I mean, uh, toddler. Okay, both! ha ha

There is also a link at the bottom for a $45 “emergency menu” in case that’s all you have left before the next payday and it’s got to last. Haven’t clicked on that but what an awesome idea to help carry us over if that hits. I mean sometimes everything happens at once: you get laid off, then someone rear ends you and your neck goes out but now you don’t have insurance to get that taken care of and… Murphy’s Law sometimes gets the best of us all. (If it hasn’t gotten the best of you, consider yourself blessed!)