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English: Part of the Bernham Meteorite which i...

English: Part of the Bernham Meteorite which is housed in the Forth Worth Museum of Science and History, about 650 kg (1430 pounds). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meteorite Fragments Are Said to Rain Down on Siberia – Hundreds of Injuries Reported – NYTimes.com.

Wow this is scary! It’s a two page story by the NYTimes that is worth reading even if you are tired, busy or otherwise. But the few comments there so far aren’t worth your time. Maybe you can put something in worthwhile. Although if you live and breathe Martians then maybe it is worth your time. Who is to say there aren’t more than us out there, right? There could be UFO’s, right?

Personally, I don’t know enough about this stuff to say something worthwhile. As you can see from my first reaction (sentence) after reading it. I do think it is worth sharing, however. I mean, did NASA see this coming? I can’t tell by the article.

Meteorites hitting Earth… big enough to injure hundreds of people, a sonic boom loud enough and close enough to shatter people’s dishes and television sets… Oh my husband