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NPR has a nice little blog going on with songs to listen to that don’t just talk about sex, love, or even money! Now, that’s got to be hard to find, especially this time of year!

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, as a rule. My husband is convinced of 2 things about this “holiday,” and I’m not sure in which order: 1) it is overly commercialized, and 2) it gives all the full-time jerks in the world one day to make it up.

So now and then throughout the year we will surprise each other with flowers or a card or something and say “Happy Valentine’s Day.” I know people give flowers or something anyway. But then it’s our own special days – and excuses – to be sweet and special and not buy into the commercialism. And, yes, that pun was partially intended. 😉

Here ya go. Click the link for some music that has nothing at all to do with V-day. And enjoy!

We Get Mail: Music To Help You Ignore Valentine’s Day Altogether : All Songs Considered : NPR.