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You guys are great! (And to thank you, there’s a photo at the bottom of this post) I don’t know if there is a counter on this thing (but I do see that there are, oddly, two search engines, side-by-side), but I know that I have had a lot of hits in the past 2 days and I really appreciate it!

I have been seeing/reading/hearing some really neat things so if you want to keep up stuff, keep coming back! To make it simple, just hit/click/press “follow” (or some such thing) on the bottom (?) of this page and you’ll get updates. Maybe you have to put in your email address.

Miss Leah is going to help me out on this. She is a WordPress pro. In fact, you may have notice that her website is linked to my “Communal Memory” one. Er, that’s the old name of the old one. It’s now Christinad.George something or other. Maybe at Blogspot. Hee hee. I’ll get it together. One small step at a time. This is a big learning curve when no one is around to teach me!

Anyway stay posted. I am in the middle of signing up to win great stuff. After I enter (yes, AFTER! ha) I will give you the link. Gotta keep on the roll, in the flow, all that jazz. You know.


This is the latest and greatest in my life, Edan. 27 1/2 months. That’s just over 2 years old for those of you who don’t want to do the math! 🙂 This is just a tease, to keep you coming back. No, this isn’t from all the snow from last night. It was just a few wet roads this morning. 😦 This is from the snow from earlier this year.