The Pearl



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PearlWithin each of us lies a glistening pearl. It is one’s Essence. The True Self. That part which shines forth when the best foot is put forward. One may not even recognize that the pearl has begun to shine, so intent is s/he on “just making it the best I can” through this life.

Then one day something profound, Continue reading


I do think before I speak! Do you?


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This just makes me laugh out loud. Literally. Because I often sound like I do just that, but I don’t. Promise.

For instance, one day at a group outing I was standing around the scattered – but occupied – seats and when someone vacated theirs, I borrowed it. When she returned not 15 minutes later I thought to myself, “Self, tell her you didn’t mean to steal her chair and give it back to her.” What I said aloud, however, was different:

“Hey, I didn’t mean to steal your shirt…” I ended slowly, in awkward surprise at myself. Especially embarrassing since I didn’t actually know her.

Oh, and another good one I remember was actually in writing – and totally due to autocorrect. Promise. Eyeing a cute little plush duck, I quickly commented on a social media thread “oh, I like the plush dick, too!” I’m learning to slow down and re-read before posting!

What’s something that’s inadvertently come out of your mouth that you just can’t forget? Give me laugh today! 🙂

Need help working on thinking first, speaking later in everyday situations? Check out these links and let me know if you’ve found them helpful. My other whole tells me often that I should first think and he does not understand that my mouth gets ahead of my thoughts! Or something like that.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” ~Frankl



How to really think before you speak

Think before you Speak


And for the extra serious-minded among us: T.H.I.N.K.

In closing, check out this awesomeness I might have to get put on a tee or mug for myself. I mean, for… uhm… nevermind.

Note: No idea who originally said this but now that I’ve seen it, I see it everywhere! If you know, kindly share with us in the comments. My research has yielded an unwarranted amount of useless results.


How “Monica” changed my life


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Do you suffer from brain fatigue, having collected too much to hold in that memory bank? Are there things you wish you could forget because they’re so mundane it’s like an irritating dream over and over?

I forget a slew of things, really I do… there’s just too much going on in my brain to collect everything, so I try to file it away in my “research” box so I can retrieve it later. And then there are things I cannot forget no matter how hard I try.

Some of which, admittedly, have helped me out along the way. One day, many many moons ago, I was watching reruns of a show (having missed out on the actual shows for some reason) and “Monica” insisted that the tag for the sheets/bedspread go on the RIGHT side. Her sense of right and wrong to all things detailed left “Chandler” in bewilderment. This elicited the laughter, but I tell you what it’s because I related to HER! I had no idea this was true even though I tried it and it seemed to work on my personal sheets okay until I stumbled across a hotel maid blog stating the exact same thing! Okay not in Monica’s words, but you catch my drift.

In my little world of details, this has been an important one (detail) for me to know. I don’t know that I’ve ever learned anything very practical and tactical from a sit-com before or since, but there you have it.

Tell us your deep dark secrets of things you’ve learned from comedy! We’d love to read it!

To trust your fundamental goodness is a victory. It’s the return to Love that every mystic announces.

Danielle LaPorte shares a thought (definitely worth your time!):

We all have blind spots and addictions. Still, fundamentally, we are good. Greed. Despair. Harm. Still, fundamentally, we are good.

Source: To trust your fundamental goodness is a victory. It’s the return to Love that every mystic announces.

What does Spring mean to you?

So many people talk about Spring, as these same people often do about New Year’s Day, as a New Beginning. Really, though, each day can be considered a new beginning. Or, as I tell my child when he feels ashamed for some words or actions, we need only sincerely apologize while trying to do better next time and move forward into the immediate next moment; our new beginning. No sense trudging through the muddy, grimy feelings of guilt, anger, and shame for the next few hours/days.

For me, and what I am trying to instill in my child, each moment we can begin anew. Earlier today I misspoke and before the sentence had even finished coming out of my mouth, I realized it. Mental note to self: don’t say that out loud because it doesn’t help. I told my child about this, apologizing for unnecessarily making things worse, and we moved on to the next moment still pleased to be spending time together.

I hope that each new beginning in your life leads you further into contentment of the present moment.

In this present moment, I have breath. I can enjoy the rain/sun/wind/snow because it enlivens me. Having felt the emotions of the past, I let them go and LIVE. Not knowing my future, I refocus on the present and let go of worry.

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