The Pearl



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PearlWithin each of us lies a glistening pearl. It is one’s Essence. The True Self. That part which shines forth when the best foot is put forward. One may not even recognize that the pearl has begun to shine, so intent is s/he on “just making it the best I can” through this life.

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Mental Health Issue, Thyroid Disease, Auto-immune Disorder, Oh My! | Madhupa Maypop

My cousin and friend Leah shared this article with me. Although I am behind on posting my next finance piece, I find this highly worthwhile to share with you. See you on the screen! ~Christina

I’ve decided to post more information on mental health issues because I keep seeing case studies and people keep contacting me about this.  Here is a little run-down on what I think is going …

Source: Mental Health Issue, Thyroid Disease, Auto-immune Disorder, Oh My! | Madhupa Maypop


Nice Girls vs. Kind Women – One Willow Apothecaries

distorted media that surrounds us, a dimness that we swim in as if it were most natural of waters, I cannot help but have a righteous wave roll up to break in my heart. Is it time we reclaimed our own ability to self define. To take back our self representation. Time to flesh out the image of women everywhere and be shown in our fullness. It is time to let go of the mild poison that is

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Designing Happiness – Experience Life

“Best-selling author Dan Buettner shares insights from the world’s happiest people that can boost the well-being of communities and their citizens.”


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$ Money $ Post 1: Provenance


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Welcome to the first post in the new $ Money $ series I mentioned last week!

Today we will discuss the provenance of money. During your reading of this post, you will discover (or remember) who invented money.  Before we address those ideas, however, let’s think about how a society worked before the invention of money. Continue reading